ti84 plus
Function Family Activities

Transformations of Absolute Value Functions
This activity introduces students to the absolute value function using a graphing calculator. First students build on what they already know about absolute value by graphing a list of points that they assist in coming up with. Then, after being shown a basic absolute value function, they begin to examine what effects the conventional a, b and c parameters have on that function.

This activity uses a TI 84 or 83 to have students see what happens to Absolute Value Functions as the parameters a, b, and c change. The activity is designed for students who have not had any experience with the graph of an absolute value function.

Transformations of Polynomial Functions
Transformations of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Equations of Circles
This activity shows students how the standards form of the equation of a circle changes when you move the center and change the radius. The original formula of a circle and graph stays the same and when you move the slider, the second circle and equation changes.
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All I Have to do is act Naturally
This activity is designed to help students explore the untamable wilderness that is Exponential and Natural Log functions. They will use graphing calculators to try and match equations with their plots and then when given an equation they will practice sketching the graph of the function. I am not going to lie. It is awesome. Seriously. And awesome does not just mean uber cool. It also stands for Acquiring Wisdom Exponentially So Often, Mathematics Explodes. That is all.